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As a developer, you want to spend time writing the code that matters and that you enjoy most. And in this fast-paced industry, time is money. RAPiD significantly improves speed-to-market and is just like having another developer on your team. However, this developer will always produce consistent, 100% accurate, highly scalable and optimized code within seconds.

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No tools to install, no downloads and no license files. RAPiD is a SaaS service provided via git.

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A Git-based Workflow

Don't change what you do! Use tools and workflows that you already use every day to start automating your software development.

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Data Model Development

RAPiD automates complex and expensive data model development. This includes ensuring your data is validated, sanitized and meets your application's critical requirements such as unique constraints, data security and data format enforcement. It also handles managing complex relationships between entities like one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many. It does all of this in seconds; not days, weeks or even months of development time.

Automate the development of complex data models

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