Fonli App

Caller Identification is an obvious and expected feature of a modern smartphone. Working with many people can be challenging in this context. Users phonebooks are not designed to store large numbers of records. Contacts are also frequently changing and need to be kept in sync.

FOnli comes with a solution. The App can look for unknown numbers and try to resolve digits to a shiny name.

Identify the Calls you want

Know who is calling.

Place your data where you want

A variety of Data Providers are supported, e.g. Dropbox, Webservers, WebDAV, Amazon S3 or even your own GraphQL Endpoint if you have one.

Main User Interface

Connect your Data

Data Source

To identify calls, you must provide data to your phone.

This can be done by creating a simple list, for example in form of a textfile with the numbers and clear names like:

49891234568;Bruce Wayne - Batman
491761234567;Clark Kent - Superman
4994178878412;Tony Stark - Ironman
The entries must be in ascending order. Save the file and upload it to your favorite data provider. Connect the app to a source URL. An example file can be found here: